• Dubai
  • The countdown

    It’s been several days since we wrote for the last time. Mostly due to lack of opportunities than will. To sum up our history, we were closing our adventure in Dubai. As in all the countries of the world, there is a long and often tortuous bureaucratic process to take. Finally, in our case we had […]

  • Places
  • Christmas in Colombia

    DSC_0382 (1)

    It had been 2½ years since the last time we were in Colombia. Unexpectedly we received the best gift: to breathe its air, feel its blood, feel our blood. December in Colombia is synonymous of music, food, family and friends. Colombians are a cocktail of contradictions, with African flavors and European aspirations. The only certain thing is […]

  • Reflections
  • The beginning


    We have been waiting for this. We have spent almost a year waiting for a response, an exit to our employment situation. For better and for worse my full-time job has completed. For worse because the world moves from the time dedicated to work. We are going to have to get used to the economic […]